Cashback for exchange

SwapShibay exchanger — powerful protection and reward system

By holding ShibaySwap you get SHIBAW from each transaction, 1% is distributed among the holders.

Permanent deflation


1% burn per transaction

Permanent rewards for holders


1% of each transaction is distributed among the holders

Constant advertising and cashback

Transaction Tax

2% tax, the tax is distributed on advertising and cashback exchanger ShibaySwap — SHIBAW

Maybe you’ll get lucky?

Added unique functionality —

Every 30 days, only 1 wallet among holders has a unique opportunity to receive from 3% to 50% of SHIBAW tokens from a tax wallet.

Participation is accepted by all wallets of holders with a balance of $15 or more.

Why we are the best

Unique Features for ShibaySwap Users

We’ve covered everything you might want. The most profitable ShibaySwap exchanger.

Equal distribution among holders

Each SHIBAW owner receives a reward.

More wallets — more rewards.


SwapShibay exchanger optimization for all types of devices. SwapShibay will be built into ShibayWallet in the future.


The tax collection is aimed at advertising 24/7


Persistent 1% deflation makes us grow fast.

It’s time to buy SHIBAW

Buy ShibaySwap — SHIBAW , you can get SHIBAW for every purchase/sale and transfers of other people

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Exchange SwapShibay



First stage 2022

Launch — first phase

Website launch
Launch on Pancakeswap
5 000 Telegram members
10 000 holders
Liquidity 700 BNB
Absorption of social networks
Listing on Coinmarketcap
Listing on Coingecko
ZT exchange listing
Popularity in the crypto community

Launch — second stage

Launch — second stage

20 000 holders
15 000 Telegram members
Exchanger testing
Release LP staking with new pools
YouTube campaigns
Premium brand creation
New crypto exchange listings

Launch — third stage

Launch — third stage

50 000 Holders
35 000 Telegram members
Launching the exchanger
Airdrop to SHIBAW Holders
Large advertising company
Wallet development
Football club sponsorship, logo on uniform

Launch is the fourth step

Launch is the fourth step

Wallet beta test
100 000 Holders
70 000 Telegram members

Integration of the exchanger with the wallet
Wallet launch
Payment system development
Wallet Advertising Company
Airdrop to wallets after an advertising campaign
Cooperation with large projects
Listings on top exchanges

Launch is the fifth step

Launch is the fifth step

Launch of card payments
500 000 Holders
300 000 Telegram members

Integration of the project on sites with crypto payments
Adding new features to the exchanger

Questions and answers


What is the uniqueness of your product?

This is a completely free product, hold SHIBAW and earn 1% commission on all trades.
2% advertising tax.
1% burns out forever.
1% is distributed among the holders.


What is your mission?

We create our own exchanger, which we integrate into the developed ShibayWallet wallet. For online payment with cryptocurrency anywhere in the world.


What are the main benefits?

Any transaction in the exchanger rewards with additional coins, which are supported by the commission of the exchanger and SHIBAW
Online converter of cryptocurrency to fiat in our wallet at the expense of our exchanger
Return of cashback to a crypto card.

Increase your SHIBAW passively — 1% is distributed between holders from each transaction

Total issued — 300,000,000,000,000



Total Supply